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Localphone – Cheap International Calls & Texts – $5 Free Credit – Voucher Code LPCDEL14 A Couple of month ago, I was looking for a solution to reduce my international calls and came across a company called Localphone. I had been using SkypeOut and Google Voice which were already really cheap but Localphone to my surprise managed to go even lower and really beats their prices hands down! Localphone is also offering discounts on a regular basis and if you  [Read More...]

Apple Fixes: Paving The Way To A Smoother Work Day

The workplace can be stressful enough, without adding computer snafus to the mix. As an IT consultant, I hear about a lot of them, usually after disaster has struck. Here’s how to deal with some of the more common workplace… Read more ›

Earlier today, we said that the iPod was a dying business. But ‘dying’ businesses for Apple are still busineses that the competition would kill to have. Apple’s iPod business, for example, is still worth $ 5 billion to the company. Here’s… Read more ›

Apple Runs New iPhone 5S TV Ad “Powerful”

Apple has started airing a new commercial for the iPhone 5S, titled “Powerful.” The commercial starts off with musicians using various apps on their iPhones to prepare to play, and then segues into from a music theme to a broader usage of iPhone apps for a variety of tasks, ranging from filming video to translating … Read More

Every once in a while, I find an app that shows me just how much I need it. This time, it’s Keep Calm and Breathe On, which offers you seven guided breathing exercises (based on cycles per minute). The goal… Read more ›

Featherweight Burds Is Mercifully Short [Review]

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Burds, and yet I’ve never been so confused about why I continued to play a game. Burds by Tiny Marble Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Price: Free It’s a little heavy… Read more ›

When Apple reveals its Q2 2014 sales numbers later today, few people are expecting any miracles: mostly, Wall Street expects that growth will have largely stalled. All the more reason why Apple needs a major new product like the iWatch… Read more ›

Last month, we reported that always reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was predicting that when Amazon finally gets into the smartphone business, it challenge the iPhone with a smartphone with as many as six different cameras. Kuo predicted that at least… Read more ›

Viber Joins The Flat Revolution With iOS 7 Update

Nifty free voice call and IM service Viber has upgraded to iOS 7.0 with its latest update — incorporating the flat design we’ve come to expect with all iOS apps. With more than 100 million monthly active users, and having… Read more ›

iPad Thief’s Foolish Selfie Gets Him Busted

The Selfie may have been Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 “Word of the Year” because of its increased usage, but they can land you in a whole lot of trouble if you’re not careful. Police in Milan have busted an iPad thief… Read more ›

I keep a movie to-watch list, a plain text list somewhere in my Dropbox. And as you may have guessed, I never read it. What I probably need is an app like Moviedo, a to-do list for movies that runs… Read more ›