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Like Apple, Amazon Disses Google Maps In Upcoming Kindle Fire Revision

Amazon follows Apple’s lead and decides against Google Maps for upcoming Kindle Fire revision.

Apple’s decision to ditch Google Maps in favor of its own mapping technology in iOS 6 wasn’t much a surprise. However, Amazon’s decision to reject Google Maps in its second generation Kindle Fire tablet is a bit of surprise – particularly since the Kindle Fire is an Android device.

Unlike Apple, Amazon isn’t developing its own mapping systems.  [Read More…]

Put Your Stickies And Notebooks To Rest With This Seriously Noteworthy Task Manager [Mac Deals]

Imagine jotting down a quick memo, tossing it into the air and having a little magical fairy swoop by and catch it, stashing it away safely for later reference. TopXNotes is the next best thing! We all know and love our Mac Stickies but imagine them on steroids. That is what you get with TopXNotes, the most comprehensive task manager yet. Let’s face it, Stickies aren’t fail proof and those quickly jotted  [Read More…]

Index Card iPad App Makes Organizing Stories or World Domination Schemes Easy [Review]

Index Card allows you to easily create and drag your cards around its simulated corkboard.

Index Card�allows users to organize their stories, articles or thoughts without adding a lot of unnecessary weight to the app. When I first tried Index Card about two months ago, I tried it against a number of other apps that contained similar index cards features. For the sheer act of organizing a story, which is  [Read More…]

New Federal Rules Show The Impact of the iPhone and iPad on Healthcare

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services acknolodge the success of iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices in healthcare in new EHR rules.

The success of devices like the iPhone and iPad in healthcare has become so pronounced that the Department of Health And Human Services has begun to single-out the use mobile devices as part of the meaningful use requirements for electronic health records (EHR) systems. In addition to identifying  [Read More…]

Have Your iPhone or iPad Read Emails To You & Speak to Write Back

Read Emails to You and Write Back by Speaking in iOS

Want to have your emails read to you? How about talking to write out a reply rather than poking around on the touch screen? You can easily do both in iOS, so the next time you need to read and write emails while you’re on the go or driving, consider using the awesome text-to-speech and Dictation features on the iPhone and iPad.

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More iPhone 5 Pictures Surface, Show Size Comparison to iPhone 4 & 3GS

iPhone 5 next to an iPhone 4

More pictures claiming to be the next iPhone have surfaced. The “iPhone 5″, as it’s labeled, is shown alongside an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 3GS, providing for the best comparison yet on overall device size.

The iPhone 5 is clearly taller than the iPhone 4, as shown in these images:

iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

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Why It Could Be Almost Impossible To Buy A Dock Accessory For Your Next iPhone This Year

When the new iPhone is released with an all-new, totally redesigned 9-pin dock connector, even with an adapter, it’s going to throw the entire third-party iPhone accessory market into chaos. And unfortunately, it looks like Apple’s giving accessory makers no time to prepare with an early peek at the 9-pin connector. When the next iPhone debuts, it will take months for compatible accessories to be released. Sink or swim time.

iLounge reports:

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Sprint Starts Say No To Sharing Campaign Against Shared Data Plans

It’s no secret that many of us aren’t fans of the new shared data plans being offered by Verizon and AT&T. Worse are the tactics these carriers are using to all but force us into the new plans. Consumers aren’t the only one’s disappointed, as Sprint and T-Mobile both discourage the practice and prefer to stick with the assumption that users enjoy having unlimited data with no fear of overages. Why should  [Read More…]

Griffins Military-Grade iPhone Case With Kindergarten-Grade Colors

So tasteful.. Which soldier wouldn’t want one of these?


Clearly the “military” part in Griffin’s Military Grade Survivor case for the iPhone doesn’t refer to the color. While olive drab is an option, the majority of the rugged cases come in candy colors more suited to a pre-schooler’s toy box than the killing fields of, well, whichever countries the U.S is currently at war with.

That’s not to say it isn’t tough.  [Read More…]

Sony Action Camcorder Beats GoPro With Hi-Def And Slo-Mo

Slim, sleek and sporty.

What I want in a rugged sports camera: High definition (to see every detail), a waterproof case (so I don’t have to worry about taking a dip), a slim and stylish body (to match my own!) and probably some other things I never thought of yet.

And here comes the Sony HDR-AS10 HD Action Camcorder, which takes care of all of these bullet points, including the last one.

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