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Fix the Slow App Store in iOS 6

Other than the Maps issues, the App Store in iOS 6 is probably the next most talked about change of the latest iOS system software. Though it’s undoubtedly a better user experience in a lot of ways, one area that really suffers is speed, and a lot of users are experiencing very sluggish behavior in the App Store whether it’s lag while trying to  [Read More…]

Mac Setups: The DJ’s Desk

The Mac setup of a DJ

Macs have long dominated the realm of creatives, and musicians are no exception. This weeks great Mac setup comes to us from Vassilis T., a DJ in Thessaloniki, Greece. As you’d expect, the workstation is used to produce music, and the hardware shown includes:

iMac 27″ (mid-2011) with 8GB RAM Pair of Stanton T62 turntables with Traktor Scratch Timecode Vinyls Hercules DJ Console MK2 mixer Apple Wireless  [Read More…]

Get native music sharing in the Music app with Scale on your jailbroken iPhone.

SAN FRANCISCO, JailbreakCon 2012 — Apple has Twitter and Facebook integration in iOS 6, but for some reason you can’t easily share the music you’re listening to with friends. Apple has never been great at social music discovery (just ask Ping), but it’s surprising that there’s still no sharing integration in the native Music app. Sometimes you just want  [Read More…]

SAN FRANCISCO, JailbreakCon 2012 — To the world he’s known only by his online pseudonym, “pod2g.” On Twitter, he has amassed over 340,000 followers. As one of the most respect iOS security researchers today, he frequently fields job interview requests from the biggest technology companies in the world. To the millions who jailbreak, he’s a living legend.

At JailbreakCon, pod2g gave a fascinating talk on his past experiences as a hacker  [Read More…]

Song as alarm sound on iPhone

If you’re tired of the existing alarm clock sounds and ringtones, you can now select individual songs to be the alarm clock sound played by iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Open “Clock” app and tap on “Alarm” Either hit the + button to add a new alarm, or tap “Edit” and pick an existing one Tap “Sound” and scroll to the  [Read More…]

Clean Up iTunes with TuneUp [Ends Today]

My iTunes collection is a mess. Ripped CDs, music transferred through home sharing, obscure collections, and then there is the classical and opera that I enjoy. Gee I wish there was a way to fix all the “Track 1 by Unknown Artist†music that I have. And duplicates. Yeah I have some when I pulled in whole albums but already had a few singles. I’m not a huge cover art fan, but  [Read More…]

Andy Hertzfeld of Apple, early Macintosh days

Another piece of early Apple history has been uncovered in a newly found unaired commercial for the original Macintosh computer. Filmed in 1983, the video features original Macintosh software designer Andy Hertzfeld discussing what he expects of the Macintosh, saying:

“I expect to be totally amazed at what people are going to do with Macintosh. Every person, unique individual, brings something to the machine, just as  [Read More…]

The iOS App Store has seen unprecedented success since its launch in 2008. Apple undoubtedly boasts the largest and most vibrant app ecosystem in existence, but the App Store’s success has come at a cost.

Apple’s ‘walled garden’ approach gives the company complete control over which apps are published in the App Store. If an app doesn’t follow Apple’s playbook, it doesn’t get in. You may work for months and months on  [Read More…]

Store files, images, and more in OS X Notes app

Notes has been around in iOS for a while, but it’s new to the Mac with OS X Mountain Lion, and if you think it’s just a place to keep track of a few thoughts you’re greatly underestimating the usefulness of this app. In fact, Notes can function as a powerful cross-platform clipboard, because not only will it store your quick text notes,  [Read More…]

Kicking off this week’s must-have apps roundup is an awesome new Twitter client that reminds me of the old (and awesome) Tweetie app — before Twitter bought it and ruined it. It’s accompanied by Camera+, which now supports the iPhone 5′s larger display, and comes to the iPad; an awesome new update to Mixel; and more.

Flurry for Twitter — iPhone ($ 4.99)

Flurry  [Read More…]