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Make Mac OS X Announce the Time for Better Time Management

Make Mac announce the time

Your Mac can verbally announce the time thanks to a little setting buried in the system preferences. Though at first glance this may seem like pointless flare, it’s actually a great way to help manage your time be it through a variation of the Pomodoro method or just to let you know when durations of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour is up.

Open System Preferences  [Read More…]

First Pictures Of ‘Working’ iPad Mini Surface

This looks like it could be the real thing.

The first pictures of a working iPad mini have surfaced ahead of a rumored unveiling next month. The device sports the aluminum shell we’ve seen a number of times in recent weeks, only it’s fully assembled with what appears to be a working display.

Normally, we look at images like this and immediately dismiss them as nonfunctioning models manufactured by a third-party —  [Read More…]

Jony Ive To Design Limited-Edition Leica

What will Jony Ive’s Leica look like?

It reads like some kind of fanboy fantasy: Jony Ive To Design Leica Camera. Only this fantasy is totally non-fantastic. Ive is set to design an ultra-limited edition of one single Leica, and it will be auctioned off by Bono (who else?) for charity.

This announcement was made last night at the launch of the Leica M, which — according to the excellent photo  [Read More…]

Book About The Unfair Stigmatization Of Vaginas Briefly Censored On iTunes

In what was undoubtedly an ironic coincidence involving Apple’s automated profanity filters, the title of Naomi Wolf’s new book Vagina — which is about how society chauvinistically stigmatizes the female sexual origin into something so profane it can not be talked about — was briefly censored in the iTunes Store.

The Guardian reports:

Apple’s iTunes store has starred out part of the title of Wolf’s new book Vagina, calling it  [Read More…]

You Can Download All 5 Of Apple’s Free iOS Apps With Just One Tap In iOS 6

Isn’t that handy?

When iOS 6 rolls out tomorrow, you be able to download all five of Apple’s free iOS apps — including iBooks, iTunes U, Podcasts, Find My Friends, and Find My iPhone — with just one tap from the new App Store. The Cupertino company has introduced a new ‘Apple Apps’ page that greets first-time App Store users, and it features a button that will install all five apps at  [Read More…]

Save $20 On The iPhone 5 Lightning Adapter By Purchasing This Knockoff

Still kind of pissed off that you’re going to have to buy a $ 29 Lightning adapter so all your accessories can play nice with your iPhone 5? Apple’s not even going to include a free adapter with your iPhone 5, just so you’ll have to pay them more money for more adapters, or so you’ll just switch to AirPlay enabled accessories.

Whatever the reason, the price on Apple’s Lightning adapters  [Read More…]

Olympus Announces Two Mirrorless PENs And A High-End Compact

Olympus joins the Photokina news bukake-fest with two new PEN cameras and a smart compact.

Olympus is entering Photokina week with three new cameras: the E-PM2 and E-PL5 for its PEN Micro Four Thirds lineup, and the X-Z2 as a flagship compact camera.

Both PEN cameras feature a 16.1MP CMOS sensor, a max ISO of 25,600, in-body image stabilization, a 3-inch touchscreen, touch shooting, 8fps continuous shooting, photo filters, RAW files with in-camera editing, and  [Read More…]

Use LaunchBar To Browse And Open iCloud Documents


One of iCloud’s biggest problems comes from its iOS origins: There’s no easy way to open, say, a TextEdit document in another app for viewing and editing. To do this, you need to either open the source app (TextEdit, in this case), use the iCloud document picker and then drag the file to the target app, or you need to go digging around inside your (hidden) Library folder to find the local copies of your iCloud  [Read More…]

This Chart Shows How Stunning The Number Of iPhone 5 Pre-orders Really Was

The iPhone 5 is already Apple’s most successful iPhone ever, in terms of first day sales figures. Apple received 2 million iPhone 5 pre-orders, which is double the number they received for the iPhone 4S.

GigaOM put together a quick chart to show just how stunning the iPhone 5 pre-orders have been. The iPhone 4S was the most successful smartphone ever, and the iPhone 5 is on pace to absolutely blow  [Read More…]

Samsung Learns The Hard Way That Everyone Wants An iPhone 5 [Image]


Samsung can’t catch a break. Samsung Mobile USA posted the following question on their Facebook page – “If you could only take one electronic device on a deserted island, what would it be?”

They probably figured fans would respond that they would totally take their Galaxy S3 or some other Samsung device that no one cares about. But when you’re on a fantasy island, you probably want the best phone possible,  [Read More…]