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Did Tim Cook Need To Apologize For Apple Maps? [Let’s Talk]

Apple doesn’t have a rich history of apologizing for their errors, big or small. When AntennaGate shook the web, Apple held a conference but they never said they were sorry. They just told us that antennas suck sometimes but they’ll give us a free bumper to be quiet. In fact, I can’t remember many times at all where Apple came out and publicly admitted a mistake.

Tim Cook’s apology this morning was  [Read More…]

Manfrotto Enters iPhone Camera Fray With Klyp Lighting Case

Tripod and lighting supremo Manfrotto — the Italian company whose name seems to combine the words “man” and “frottage” — is finally getting in on the iPhonegraphy game. And its Klyp looks to be every bit as sturdy and well thought out as the rest of its products.

The Klyp is an iPhone case which allows you to mount the rig on a tripod, and also to clip on LED “flash” lighting units. The twist here  [Read More…]

Which Of Apple’s Officially Recommended Third-Party Mapping Apps Is Best For You? [Round-Up]

Earlier this morning Tim Cook published an apology letter to all Apple fans for how horrible Apple Maps have been. Not only did he apologize, but he actually told users that they should try some alternatives while Apple fixes their mapping fiasco.

It’s great that Apple is taking responsibility for their shoddy work, but now that they’ve kicked Google Maps out of iOS 6, what are the best alternative? We took a  [Read More…]

Apple Begins Promoting iOS 6 Maps Alternatives In The App Store

Not only has Apple apologized for the embarassing state of iOS 6 Maps today, and not only has Tim Cook personally advised users to try competing app products like Bing, Mapquest and Google Maps as they get iOS 6 Maps’ shit together, but Apple is now promoting Maps alternatives at the very top of the iOS App Store listings. This is an unprecedented admission of fault by Apple. It’s mea culpas all  [Read More…]

Djay For iPad Adds Dual Stereo Output For Proper Song Cueing

DJing on the iPad just got real. Or something. I’m not really sure if that’s how disc jockeys speak. What I do know is that Algoriddim’s Djay 1.6 adds some major new features thanks to iOS 6. What kind of features? Oh, you know… Just things like full dual stereo outputs for monitoring and playing different songs at the same time.

It’s called “multi-route audio”, and if you have a USB or HDMI audio output, you  [Read More…]

Live Street View Goes Full-Screen On iPad

Missing Google Street View? Can’t wait for it to be incorporated into a Flash-free, Mobile Safari-friendly version of the Google Maps web app? Then go download Live Street View, a Street View app which has just been updated to make it — frankly — awesome on the iPad.

It wouldn’t be over the top to call Live Street View a better experience than the old Street View in iOS5’s Maps app. You get the Apple’s beautiful  [Read More…]

Don’t Like iOS 6′s Colorful Status Bars? Install The AntiTint Tweak To Kill Them [Jailbreak]

AntiTint ensures your status bar goes unnoticed at all times.

Apple added a nifty new feature to iOS 6 that adds a splash of color to the status bar. Rather than being just black or silver, the status bar now changes to match the color scheme of the app you’re running. In Skype, for example, it goes bright blue, while in the eBay app it goes grey.

I’m a big fan of  [Read More…]

Find My iPad Catches Thieving TSA Officer Red-Handed [Video]

Had valuable items stolen at the airport? The TSA could be behind it.

Stories about valuable items going missing at airport TSA checkpoints are worryingly common, but it’s not often you can prove your possessions have indeed been stolen by the people employed to protect you. Fortunately, Apple has made iOS devices easy to track when they go missing, and ABC News recently took advantage of this feature to catch a thieving  [Read More…]

Eric Schmidt Says Apple Is Patent Bully While Google Stands For Innovation

Schmidt insists Apple and Google are very good friends.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt is currently on a tour of Asia, where he announced the company’s $ 199 Nexus 7 tablet in Tokyo on Monday. During his announcement, Schmidt found some time to talk about Apple and its patent wars against other companies. Schmidt revealed that while Apple is a “very good partner,” he doesn’t agree with patent wars, and feels they “prevent  [Read More…]

Get Mac OS X Mountain Lion To Speak Text On Command [OS X Tips]

OS X has really good text to speech functionality for users with a visual or other learning disability, but it’s something that I think we all would benefit from at certain times. How about listening to a webpage when you’re folding clothes, or having your Mac your Twitter stream out loud while you do some sort of two-handed crafting project, like knitting?

Turns out, you can make this happen super easily with  [Read More…]