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Why Apple Launching Its Own Streaming Music Service Makes Sense [Opinion]

Steve Jobs introduced Genius back in 2008. It could be the brains behind Apple’s rumored streaming music service.

The big story of yesterday evening was a somewhat cryptic report by The Wall Street Journal that Apple wants to build its own streaming music service, a la Pandora. Once you step back from the “hey, wouldn’t that be cool”-edness of it all, it’s a weird report. But it may not be totally bonkers.  [Read More…]

iPhone Case Cleverly Carries Charging Cable [Kickstarter]

Ultra thin, apparently. Also: Pat.pending.

It used to be that if your phone ran out of juice, you could just pop into the nearest bar or cafe and ask “Do you have a Nokia charger?”, and the waitron would hand you one of the needle-tipped jacks from some cupboard or drawer.

Now, things have moved on. Battery life is measured in hours, not days, and Nokia is going the way of RIM and  [Read More…]

Revised Third-Gen iPads Could Be On Their Way Next Month, And Might Mean No iPad 4 in 2013

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve heard a lot of rumors that Apple intends on releasing an updated version of the third-generation iPad later in this year to improve the device in a number of ways: namely, to fit it with better efficiency Sharp IGZO panels and give it a new, smaller 9-pin Dock Connector.

Now a new report from research firm DisplaySearch claims that a new iPad is  [Read More…]

Get Ready! New iMacs Are Imminent [Report]

Wave goodbye to this.

A new report suggests that Apple is gearing up to launch its latest lineup of iMacs very soon. It’s unclear whether they’ll get that much-anticipated Retina display, but if that’s not going to be a decider for you, it looks like you’ll have a new all-in-one in the coming weeks.

Fox’s Clayton Morris reports:

Get ready, because the iMacs are coming.

I’ve been hoping for an iMac update  [Read More…]

Passbook Already Deployed?

A web site called Australian Business Traveler reports that a reader checked in for a Virgin Australia flight today using the airline’s mobile web site on his iPhone, and Passbook popped up. He�s running iOS 6.

According to the site, iOS 6 noticed his mobile check-in, and offered to save his boarding pass into his Passbook account. He grabbed this screenshot.

Read the whole story.

Pandora Shares Down 18% After Apple Reportedly Working On Own Rival Service

Ouch. Not that it’s much of a surprise, but a little over twelve hours after The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was going to create its own Pandora rival, prices of Pandora shares have tanked by over 18%.

It seems like the market is taking this as a very real threat, and no wonder: Apple has more to gain by entering the streaming music service space than you might think.

[Read More…]

Imagine Playing Pokemon Or Magic: The Gathering On Your iPad With These Awesome Capacitive Game Cards

There’s a fantastic episode of Pendleton Ward’s postapocalyptic candy land show Adventure Time in which Fin the last human and Jake, his magical dog companion, play a game called Card Wars which is like a futuristic version of Magic: The Gathering matched with the Holochess game in Star Wars.

I’ve always wished Magic was played like that — by placing real cards down on a sort of holographic desktop to see the  [Read More…]

Apples Colorful iPhone 5 Event Banners Outside Of Yerba Buena Center [Gallery]

On Friday Apple started preparing the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, California for the long-awaited iPhone 5 event that will be taking place this Wednesday. Journalists will pile into the venue to watch Tim Cook and company unveil the next iPhone and other surprises. Per tradition, Apple has begun putting up larger banners outside of Yerba Buena the weekend before the event.

We stopped by Yerba Buena to get a look  [Read More…]

Turn Your Cars Vestigial Ashtray Into A Handy iPhone Dock

Here are two things that are probably true: you don’t smoke, and you own an old, disused iPhone dock. Here are some things which are almost guaranteed to be true: You own a dock connector cable and a 3.5 mm jack cable

And if you live in the U.S, and you haven’t yet achieved enlightenment and switched to a bike, then you almost certainly have a car. Put these things together and what do you get? Jalopnik’s neat DIY in-car  [Read More…]

Apple May Have To Cut E-book Prices Within Three Months

These might get a bit cheaper in the months to come – a good thing for consumers.

Cheaper e-books would be great, right? According to industry executives, that may just happen in the next one to three months after a federal judge entered an approval of an antitrust settlement between several e-book publishers and the Justice Department itself.

In the final settlement today, publishers Lagardere, Hachette Book Group, Simon & Schuster, and  [Read More…]