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Etchings Is This Month’s Best iPhone Photography App So Far

My scary pixel avatar, etched.



Etchings is an iPhone photography app which takes your pictures and turns them into very realistic etchings. Or fake etchings, I guess. Whatever you call them, if you pick the right source pic then you’ll end up with something that looks as if you lacquered your own metal plate, etched it, dropped it into an acid bath, washed and dried it, inked it up and ran it  [Read More…]

Samsung Executives Waited Four Days Before Telling Chairman They Lost To Apple

Fearing the fury of your boss after a really crappy performance isn’t unique to any profession. No one wants to make the big kahuna angry, and see them go nuts. Samsung’s executives tried to take the “maybe the chairman won’t be so mad if we wait a few days to tell him the bad news” approach. It didn’t work.

Last Friday, Samsung received the verdict that Apple won the patent lawsuit in  [Read More…]

New IT Guide From Apple Details How FileVault 2 Works

A new Apple white paper helps IT manage FileVault 2.

Apple has released a new white paper for CIOs, IT leaders, and IT professionals. This one targets FileVault 2, which was introduced in Lion and remains present as a high security feature in Mountain Lion. The 42 page document joins a growing collection of white papers and guides available from Apple that detail the mechanisms and best practices for integrating Macs into  [Read More…]

Zagg Launches Backlit iPad Keyboard



Over at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin. Zagg has launched a couple of new iPad keyboards. And one of them, the Pro Plus, has something I have missed ever since I took to typing on my iPad in the corners of dark and seedy bars: a keyboard backlight.

Along with Apple and Logitech, Zagg makes the best iPad keyboards around. This one has the usual features: built-in rechargeable battery, magnet to  [Read More…]

Bluetooth 4 Indoor Bike Trainer Controlled By iPhone

Close the drapes, grab a Clif bar and a Gatorade and get ready for some bike-sturbation.

I can’t think of many things worse to do on a bike than ride it indoors on a stationary trainer. After all, without the world going by and the wind in your hair, you’re effectively just sitting on a stool and waggling your legs.

However, if forced to use these blow-up dolls of the bike world,  [Read More…]

What It Will Be Like To Use The Next iPhone’s 4-Inch Display [Video]


This is fantastic. The guys over at Macrumors have put together a fantastic and very Apple-like video, expounding upon the virtues of the next iPhone’s larger 4-inch display. More apps, bigger homescreen, no more letterboxing in movies and widescreen gaming are the primary qualities promoted here. It’s fine work, and it really has me excited to see how Apple’s going to demonstrate this same capability come September 12th.

Source: Macrumors

New Mac Malware Steals All The Passwords You Enter Into Your Browser & Logs Your Keystrokes

Here’s another piece of Mac malware you’ll want to avoid.

Dr Web, a Russian antivirus software specialist, has discovered a new piece of malware that targets computers running Mac OS X and Linux. Named “Wirenet.1,” once installed the software steals all of the passwords you enter into your web browser, mail client, and other apps, and has the ability to log your keystrokes.

ITWire reports that the malware targets popular Mac browsers  [Read More…]

WD’s 10,000RPM Thunderbolt VelociRaptor Is So Expensive You Get A Free Cable

It might not look it, but this thing is fast.



Wowsers! Western Digital’s Thunderbolt My Book VelociRaptor Duo is all about the big numbers. 10,000 RPM platters, 2TB storage, 10Gb/s transfer (in both directions) and – if you daisy-chain it with other Thunderbolt drives – you can RAID things up to make them even faster.

Heck, even the price is impressive: $ 860. Ouch!


To be fair, this is a  [Read More…]

Tweetbot For Mac Beta Released, But There’s One Catch: You Have To Be An Existing User

The Tweetbot for Mac saga continues, and this time the guys at Tapbots have come out of left field to release the official beta of their Mac client. The app is available for free now, but there’s a catch: you have to already be a Tweetbot user.

Multiple updates have been released for the alpha version of Tweetbot for Mac, but Tapbots announced earlier this week that it would be discontinuing  [Read More…]