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This Weather App Makes iOS Look Like Windows Phone [Review]

Looks quite a lot like Windows

Weather On is a weather forecasting app for iOS that is remarkable for one thing: its very obvious nods to Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Open it up, and you’ll see a selection of square and rectangular tiles that look and behave just like the tiles you’ve seen on the latest smartphones running Windows Phone.

The app is divided into a series of screens showing weather data  [Read More…]

Prevent Siri Being Used from the Lock Screen in iOS

Disable Siri access from the Lock Screen in iOS

Siri works from the Locked Screen in iOS, letting you get things like the weather, make quick phone calls, and a variety of other incredibly useful tasks, but for the privacy and security buffs out there, this may be considered undesirable. If you don’t want Siri to be usable when the iPhone or iPad is locked with a passcode, you can disable lock screen  [Read More…]

MobileMount Could Be The Best Stand Available For Your iOS Device, But It Isn’t [Review]

Born on Kickstarter, the MobileMount is a nifty little tool that allows you to mount almost any smartphone or tablet to a flat surface. Its design is simple; it consists of two suction cups that are held together by a ball and socket joint, so you can angle the stand in almost any direction while it’s mounted.

Both suction cups utilize a ‘turn-to-lock’ mechanism in an effort to ensure it’s super secure,  [Read More…]

Scott Forstall’s Official New Title Is ‘Special Advisor To The Chief Executive Officer’

Now that fiscal 2012 is over, Apple has filed its year-end 10k document to the SEC that contains a trove of financial data. Also contained in the filing is an item that contains information about Scott Forstall’s new role.

Forstall was removed as Senior Vice President of Mobile Software on Monday but will be stay at till 2013 in a special role under Tim Cook too keep him from jumping ship to  [Read More…]

The Best Place to Buy a Used Mac is the Apple Refurbished Online Store

The Best Place to Buy a Used Mac

If you want to buy a used Mac to save a bit of money, the best place to do so is directly from Apple’s Online Refurbished Store. We’ve bought used Macs from just about everywhere under the sun before, from friends, coworkers, Craigslist, and eBay, but nothing beats the official Certified offerings from Apple. Why? Apple Certified Refurbished products have been thoroughly tested, cleaned, and  [Read More…]

$3.50 Lighting Cable Knockoff Teardown: As Shoddy As You’d Expect

Unshielded, shoddily built and as close to dangerous junk as you can get without actually being dangerous. Today, this description happens to apply to these knock-off Lightning adapters from China, but it could equally describe any cheap no-name Chinese electronic accessories.

The cable you see above was called a “functional knockoff” by Apple Insider. And like a functioning alcoholic, it might get the job done, but at what cost?

From the outside, the cable looks great.  [Read More…]

What If The iPad Mini Was As Successful As The iPod Mini? [Chart]


The iPad mini is slated for release on Friday, and reactions are mixed: some see it as the device that finally takes the iPad line to iPhone-like mainstream popularity, while others see it as a shrunken down iPad 2 that can’t really compete with the competition in either specs or price.

So which will it be? To help predict, it might help to go back to the first “mini” sized iDevice  [Read More…]

Apple Says It Will Only Pay $1 Per iPhone To License Motorola Patents

Apple’s legal battles have been quietly continuing in the U.S. even after their landmark $ 1 Billion win over Samsung a few months ago. Apple is currently trying to fight patent claims lobbied against it by Motorola Mobility which is now owned by Google.

With five days to go before their contract trial starts in Wisconsin, Apple formally declared to the court that it will be willing to pay a licensing fee  [Read More…]

Speeches App Keeps Public Speakers On Track

I give great, fluid, professional-appearing speeches. Put me up in front of a crowd and I’ll crow on all day log, with nary a stammer nor a hesitation. The problem? I have nothing to say.

Other people actually have interesting information to convey, and yet they’re scared stiff of public speaking. Speeches app is here to help. It won’t boost your confidence, but it will help you to remember what you’re supposed to be talking about.

  [Read More…]

‘The Nails’ Is An Incredibly Scary Horror Movie Shot Entirely On An iPhone [Halloween Video]

Over the course of the last five years, there have been a lot of movies with the gimmick that they have been shot on the iPhone, but few have pulled it off as well as this incredibly scary little short film made by Clement Deneux for the 2012 Disposable Film Festival, a film festival dedicated to short films shot on smartphones and either pocketable cameras.

It’s called Les Ongles, or The Nails,  [Read More…]