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iPhone 6s Unexpectedly Shuts Down? Apple Might Have a Fix!

Has your iPhone 6s randomly shut itself off for no obvious reason? Typically this happens when the iPhone 6s still has battery power available, but the device dies and powers down anyway. If this has happened to your iPhone 6s, it may be due to a battery failure and Apple might replace it for free. … Read More

iOS 10.2 Beta 5 Released for Testing

Apple has released iOS 10.2 beta 5, just a few days after releasing beta 4 of 10.2. It’s unclear why there was such a rapid release of iOS 10.2 beta 5 so close to the release of the fourth beta, but some speculation suggests the new build could be aimed at addressing the ubiquitous iCloud … Read More

How to Change a User Home Folder Name in Mac OS

Some advanced Mac users may wish to change a users Home directory folder name. This is a fairly unusual scenario that is typically only necessary for very specific reasons, whether a new user account has been added to a Mac, accounts are being merged, a user is changing their name and adding a new user … Read More