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MacOS Mojave Developer Beta 10 Released for Testing

Apple has released MacOS Mojave developer beta 10 to Mac users enrolled in the Mojave beta testing program. Typically the developer beta build rolls out first, soon followed by the same release being issued as a public beta, though usually versioned as a release behind (i.e. macOS Mojave developer beta 10 and macOS Mojave public … Read More

Supplemental Update for New MacBook Air 2018 Released

If you have just received or are soon getting a brand new 2018 Retina MacBook Air anytime in the near future, don’t miss out on an important supplemental software update that is available for the machine. Apple has issued the supplemental software update specific to the new Retina MacBook Air, labeled as “macOS Mojave 10.14.1 … Read More

Grab the 12 iPhone XR Wallpapers of Bubble Colors

The iPhone XR features a variety of snazzy wallpapers that are color matched to the devices themselves, each showing a colorful bubble or two that almost look like planets in some otherworldly conditions. Along with the 3 colorful oily bubble iPhone XS Max wallpapers they make for some visually appealing abstract background imagery for just … Read More

How to Check Size of App Updates in the Mac App Store

Want to see the size of an app update that is available in the Mac App Store? Some Mac users may be interested in knowing the size of an available app software update before starting to download or install the app update, but the App Store in MacOS Mojave doesn’t openly display the size of … Read More

How to Access AirPlay Audio in iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad

Wondering how to access AirPlay audio controls in iOS 12 and iOS 11 on an iPhone or iPad? You might not be alone, as accessing the AirPlay controls for audio streaming is tucked away behind another panel in the iOS Control Center, making it very easy to overlook. If you’re looking for the AirPlay audio … Read More

How to Remove Stuck Time Machine Backups from Mac Trash Due to System Integrity Protection Error

If you’re trying to remove a Time Machine backup from a drive and find that it’s stuck in the Mac Trash with a specific error message stating the trash can’t be emptied because “Some items in the Trash cannot be deleted because of System Integrity Protection”, then read on to learn how to resolve this … Read More

How to Find AirPods Serial Number (& AirPods Pro)

Need to find the serial number of AirPods or AirPods Pro? Perhaps you want to check the warranty status of AirPods, you’re going to use an AppleCare service claim, you need their serial number for insurance purposes, or for any other number of reasons that you may need the unique serial number for AirPods. There … Read More

MacOS Catalina 10.15.1 Beta 3 Released for Testing

Apple has released the third beta version of MacOS Catalina 10.15.1 to Mac users who are participating in the beta system software beta testing programs. MacOS Catalina 10.15.1 beta 3 likely continues to focus on bug fixes and other improvements to the MacOS Catalina operating system. There are also some changes to the Photos app, … Read More

iOS 12 GM Download Available Now for iPhone and iPad

Apple has released iOS 12 GM to download for iPhone and iPad users who are currently enrolled in the beta testing programs. GM stands for Golden Master, a software development term that indicates the particular version of software is finalized for mass availability. Basically that means that, absent any The iOS 12 GM release, carrying … Read More

How to Download a Full Size MacOS Mojave Installer

Did you go to download macOS Mojave but found an incomplete installer application arrived in your /Applications folder? Some Mac users have discovered that when trying to download macOS Mojave from the Mac App Store, they end up with a very small 22 MB mini-installer that is not the full size 6 GB macOS Mojave … Read More