National Geographic wallpaper collections for 2012

Everyone loves good wallpapers, and it’s hard to beat the incredible selections that National Geographic puts up once a year through their photo contests. This year is no different, and there are quite literally tons of freakishly beautiful wallpapers available to download in sizes fit for the desktop, iPad, and iPhone. We’ve provided a small sampling of favorites below, but don’t miss browsing through the collections on the NatGeo website, you’ll be impressed.

under a glacier wallpaper
Under a glacier

thistle storm wallpaper

forest at night wallpaper
Twilight forest

sand dunes to the sea wallpaper

Foggy golden gate bridge wallpaper
Golden Gate

quiver trees wallpaper
Quiver Tress

kauai canyon wallpaper
Kauai canyons

reef wallpaper

rocky coastline wallpaper
Rocky coast

supercell storm wallpaper

iron bars weird pattern wallpaper
Iron bars

snow pond of japan wallpaper
Snowy pond

fall lake wallpaper
Fall Lake

If the Snowy Pond image looks familiar, it’s because a very similar picture is included in the Mountain Lion wallpaper collection. Not coincidentally, that picture also came from National Geographic, as did most of the 40+ hidden wallpapers buried within OS X.

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