OS X Mavericks wallpapers

Each new version of OS X and iOS tends to come with some gorgeous new wallpapers, and it looks as if OS X Mavericks will be no different. Found in the latest Developer Preview 7 build of OS X Mavericks by a member of the MacRumors forums, this collection of 8 beautiful wallpapers are offered at an absolute whopper resolution of 5120×2880 (a resolution that, conveniently, would be the equivalent of a Thunderbolt or iMac 27″ with a 2x retina display).

These are hosted on a third parties Dropbox account, so click through each thumbnail to be able to access the full resolution image.

Abstract wallpaper

Death Valley
Death valley wallpaper

Desert sand dunes wallpaper

Foxtail barley
Foxtail barley wallpaper

Mountain range
Mountain range wallpaper

Rolling waves
Rolling waves wallpaper

Foggy forest
Foggy forest wallpaper

Underwater wallpaper

Technically, there are 9 new wallpapers in Mavericks thus far, the last being the Mavericks wave that first surfaced some months ago with the first Developer Preview build of OS X 10.9.

If these aren’t doing it for you, check out our wallpaper roundups archives.

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