wallpaper roundup

It’s time for another roundup of beautiful wallpapers for your computers and iDevices. There’s no particular theme with this roundup, just some great images of scenery and distant space, each of which makes for fantastic background pictures. As usual, these are all offered in high-res HD glory, so whether you’re sporting a 27″ display with a huge resolution or just a retina iPad, they will all look great. Enjoy!

Click any link or image to open the wallpaper in higher resolution. (Quick note, some of these are hosted on InterfaceLift which require you to specify a resolution to download, this is necessary because they prevent direct linking to the higher resolution images)

Half Dome at dusk
Half dome at dusk wallpaper

Fireflies wallpaper

Pink skies, Dominican Republic
Pink palms, Dominican wallpaper

Carina Nebula
Carina nebula wallpaper

Alps lake
Alps lake, wallpaper

Cone Nebula
Cone nebula wallpaper

Blue Mountains, Alps
Blue mountains wallpaper

Grass and dew
Grass blades and dew wallpaper

Kapulua Sunset
Kapulua beach sunset wallpaper

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