The Chronic Dev Yeam’s Absinthe jailbreak tool for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S owners has been updated to version 0.3. This latest update brings Linux support and minor cosmetic changes. A small bug fix for Windows users has also been included. Tweeted by Chronic Dev team member @pimskeks, Absinthe v0.3 can be downloaded from this direct link for Mac users. Windows users can download it here. The Linux tool is also now available. If you’ve already jailbroken with Absinthe, then there’s no need to re-jailbreak with the updated version. Over 1 million people have already used the tool. Since there are no major changes in this release, you can still follow our tutorial for jailbreaking the iPhone 4S and jailbreaking the iPad 2. We also recommend checking out our jailbreaking tips and tricks guide.

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