Launch Siri with nothing but your classic white Earbuds

Siri is more useful than many realize, and one of the best ways to use Siri while on the go is through your earbuds or earpods, the classic white headphones that come with all iOS devices. All you need is Siri enabled and then connect the earbuds to your iPhone or iPad:

  • Press and hold the center Earbud button for a second or two to activate Siri

Now you can use Siri as usual, without ever having to look at your iOS device.

This is a perfect solution for using Siri mostly hands-free while driving or riding a bike, whether it’s checking for new emails, launching apps like Pandora, or what other great uses you find. Best of all, this works not only with Apple’s newest Earpods, but even the oldest earbuds, as long as they have those buttons that also control music and take pictures, you’re good to go.

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