For those of you who have a jailbroken iOS device, you have probably noticed that despite all the notification options, you donít have any for music. If you use the Music app on your iOS device and background it, youíll notice that you wonít be able to check what song is playing unless you go back to the Music app to see which song is on. This isnít the case anymore though with NowListening, a new jailbreak tweak for iOS 5. This tweak allows you to receive banner notifications whenever your Music app begins playing a new song. The tweak aims to provide users with a handy feature without disturbing you while listening to songs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It shows you the current playing song at the top of the notification bar on your iOS device. This way you donít have to tap on the Home button, go back to the Music app. You can click on the notification if youíd like to quickly change songs as well. Unfortunately, there isnít any default option that allows you to enable this function on iOS 5, so you need to have a jailbroken iOS device to enable music banner notifications. One of the downsides to the app is that it only supports the Music app, so if you are using other apps for music such as Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, etc. then you are out of luck for now. For those of you whoíd still like to use the tweak for the Music app, you can download NowListening from Cydia under the BigBoss repo. The tweak is free so it might be worth picking up even if you seldom use the Music app. Just a quick note, once you the install the app, it works as mentioned, there are no settings or icons that will be added to your springboard.  

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