It wasn’t until I’d written the name at least five times that I realized the Amplifiear isn’t called the “Amplifear” after all. That’s not to say I’m disappointed: I’d much rather have an acoustic amplifier for my iPad than a small, buzzing metal box that amplifies the terror in my heart until my emotions are torn into rags and my live becomes a fearful shuffle from corner dark corner.

The name clearly comes from the words “amplify” and “ear,” and that’s what it is, a kind of Mickey Mouse ear for your iPad. The clip-on widget reflects and stretches the sound from the iPad’s annoying-yet-inevitable rear-firing speaker and sends it back towards the listener.

I use a SoundJaw on my iPad all the time, letting me set the volume a few notches lower so that The Lady can’t hear me tuning in to my favorite adult video sites. I’d imagine that the Amplifiear is just as effective, only louder thanks to its big dish-shaped surface.

The $ 25 plate will fit your iPad whether it’s in a case or not (although really fat folios are out). And if the Amplifiear seems familiar, that’s because it is – we first featured it as a Kickstarter project back in the swirling temporal mists of April.

Source: The Amplifiear

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