With the news that HP is seriously reevaluating the longevity of the webOS platform, it looks like another mobile OS has fallen by the wayside. After being largely abandoned by Nokia for Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, Intel has announced a ‘temporary’ halt on development of Meego. The company will reportedly focus on hardware development for either the Windows Phone OS or Android. DigiTimes reports that Meego development had been halted “due to a lack of enthusiasm for the platform from handset and tablet PC vendors.” This is what Intel had to say about the report:
“Intel does not comment on industry speculation or rumor. We remain committed to MeeGo and open source, and will continue to work with the community to help develop and meet the needs of customers and end users.”
Don’t kid yourself, Intel. The Nokia N9 is one of the few devices left that runs Meego, and Intel’s OS has gained little to no traction in the mobile market. It’s not surprising that the plug is getting pulled. The only major players right now are iOS and Android. However, Amazon’s new tablet may prove to be a force to be reckoned with. Only time will tell. It’s the weekend, so I’m using this as an excuse to embed this song: (via WIRED)

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