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Twitter-like social network has released a new app in the iOS App Store called Passport. Unlike apps like Netbot, Passport can’t be used to actually read an feed. The app is designed to manage accounts and help discover third-party clients.

Our mission has always been to support developers and to give members more choice. At its core, Passport is our directory app: an easy way for iPhone users to find and install other iPhone apps, and for iOS developers to connect more directly with new users.

Users can edit profile information like image and bio. Passport can also show you users you may be interested in following.

Despite’s limited reach as a closed social network that costs $ 5 per month (but shows no ads to users), a decent amount of clients have been developed and released in the App Store. The most notable example is Netbot by Tapbots, the same developer that makes Tweetbot for Twitter.

Passport is free in the App Store.

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