Way back in August of last year Apple notified developers that it would eventually stop allowing apps to access UDIDs (identification numbers unique to each iDevice). Now, Apple has started rejecting apps that access UDIDs and some developers are scrambling for a solution. According to Tech Crunch, under pressure from lawmakers and the media Apple is moving ahead of schedule in its deprecation of UDIDs. Under normal conditions it can take more than a year to deprecate features as developers need ample time to find solutions and rework their apps. TechCrunch reported a few weeks ago that Apple told some of the larger mobile-social devs to move away from UDIDs. But, Playhaven, a company that helps developers (more than 1,200) monetize their apps, claims that several of its customers have had apps rejected in the last week. TechCrunch’s sources claim that 2 of the 10 app review teams started rejecting apps based on their access of UDIDs this week. Next week that number jumps to 4 of 10 and so on till all 10 teams are rejecting apps that access UDIDs. The biggest impact will be on mobile ad networks that track users from app to app and use the information to better understand how users respond to ads. But, the widespread privacy concerns associated with unfettered access to UDIDs appears to pale in comparison to developer inconveniences in Appleís opinion. Honestly, itís tough to feel bad for those scrambling to implement workarounds 7 months after the planned changes were announced, especially when user privacy is involved. Source:†TechCrunch  

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