Weíre a couple weeks from Black Friday yet, but itís never too early to start Christmas shopping, which is why Appleís online store has already launched their annual Holiday Gift Guide section, full of curated picks of the best Apple gear to get friends, loved ones or yourself this holiday season.   The new Holiday Gift Guide section is beautifully laid out, and contains sections with gift ideas for families, the aspiring artist, the athletic and on-the-go and the fashionistas. Thereís a lot of great ideas here, and any purchase you make through the guide comes with gift wrapping, free personal laser engraving and in-store pickup. So why wait until Christmas Eve like a chump and risk the disappointed looks on the faces of your loved ones when they open hastily wrapped presents filled with items you can find at the corner gas station, like windshield wiper fluid and cartons of cigarettes? Thatís what my old man did for thirty years, and now heís spending Christmas in a home. Coincidence? Donít end up like him!

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