Credit: aresauburn/flickr

Apple’s profits stashed overseas is getting restless for a trip the the United States. The tech giant, frequently seen wealthier than the U.S. government and Exxon-Mobile, is lobbying the U.S. government for a five percent ‘tax holiday.’ In a bizarre picture, Apple is aligned with Republicans and against the Democratic American President. At it’s last quarterly report, Apple announced it had almost $ 80 billion in cash. Google, Oracle and Cisco are also part of the “WIN America Campaign” that argues “incentives to invest at home is a common sense solution that will immediately inject up to $ 1 trillion into our economy and provide businesses with the security and certainty they need to help Americans get back to work,” according the the group’s website. So far, the proposed bill has picked up support of 15 Republicans and eight Democrats in the House of Representatives. So far opposed to the effort is President Barack Obama, to whom the companies donated $ 1.3 million in 2008. Apple has a growing interest in protecting its foreign profits. During the last quarter, 62 percent of the iPad and iPhone maker’s profits came from international sales. For some time, Apple executives have pointed to China as holding a huge potential for sales growth.

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