Sick of being forced to have your friends crowd around you in a public place so they can share in the hilarity of someone else getting crotched by a rail? Apple has the answer in a new patent that shows iOS devices with built-in Pico projectors. The patent filed by Apple shows a number of iDevices projecting video, and text on walls, which is nothing shockingly new, but the innovation is how the devices will interact with each other. The patent details the ability of the devices to share workspaces, creating a continuous display projected by two different devices. The devices could even interact with each other via gestures. This makes sense considering the†patent’s title is “Project Display Shared Works.” The gestures described in the patent could be detected by either a touch screen or a camera. Using the devices’ cameras as a gesture detection device would allow for Kinect-like interaction with the devices. The possibilities outlined in the patent are very promising, but are probably a long way off as well. Pico projectors are battery hogs, don’t project the brightest of images, and aren’t an incredibly high resolution. Don’t expect this to be in the iPhone 5. Source:†USPTO†[via†iPhoneHacks]

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