Jury instructions are out of the way and the final phase of the trial begins with the closing arguments of each counsel.

The Judge has come into the courtroom and notes the jury will be delibearting tomorrow starting at 9AM and says they are not allowed to discuss the case with anyone outside of the jury.

1:00PM: Apple counsel begins the closing arguments as the courtroom is hushed. Tough attorneys Bruce mackelhaney“This is my opportunity to remind you why you’ve heard some of what you have heard. Focus on the big picture, then focus on the details.’

1:05PM: The attorney says there are three big picture points in this trial but that documents are the most valuable key. He says mistakes can be mistaken in good faith and they can be mistaken in bad faith. But historical documents are almost always [the truth]. if you want to find out what really happened, make a chronology. when you get the jury room and you print the testimony of the chronology. Let me preview what you will find when you start

1:10PM:“Steve jobs started the iPhone development program in 2003. You’ve heard from Chris Stringer and the number of designs that took to get the product done. Phil Schiller talked about the immense risk the company took. Attorney shows a slide of what the phones looked like between 2004 and 2007. “In 2007 Steve Jobs shocked the world and had turned over the product process to inventors and designers. It was the most important product in the world.”

1:16PM:In a document, the Apple attorney notes the Samsung document that identifies the reasons for the iPhone success. It shows how it was an Apple design that was beautiful.

1:17PM:Exhibit 36: this is a document, a historical document, what Samsung was thinking in 2008. It calls the iPhone a revolution.

1:20PM:The attorney shows the quotes users and gadget reviewers. The phone was “sexy and easy to use” and “world changing.”

1:22PM: It was a three month effort to duplicate the design of the iPhone. In those three months, Samsung was able to copy and incorporate Apple’s four investment “without taking on any of the risk.”


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