The Apple TV sold out across numerous websites earlier this week, and now Apple’s “hobby” is being pulled from big-box retailers physical and online stores as well. As of this morning the only major online retailer still selling the Apple TV is Apple.Wal-Mart and Best Buy don’t even list the Apple TV on their sites. Amazon has stopped selling it as well. Physical stores across the country appear to have a depleted or non-existent stock as well. AppleInsider contacted Best Buy’s sales division to inquire about the Apple TV’s availability. The Best Buy salesperson wasn’t to tell when Best Buy removed the Apple TV from the company website.
Originally Posted by : “At this point in time, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting [the Apple TV] back,” the representative said after performing an inventory check.
Another AppleInsider reader had a similar experience Thursday claiming that a Best Buy employee checked App TV inventory in all stores and found no stores with the device in stock. The Apple TV’s disappearance from retail stores isn’t unprecedented as Apple usually constrains the supply of products they’re about to refresh. However, the Apple TV is in a unique position considering Tim Cooks comments yesterday about something bigger possibly evolving from the platform and the incredible buzz surrounding a possible Apple HDTV. Between the Apple TV, a possible Apple HDTV and the iPad 3’s rumored release, Cupertino looks to be busy this year pushing out new products. Source: AppleInsider  

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