Apple unleashed a slew of software updates this afternoon, including an iOS update for the second and third-gen Apple TV. Today’s  5.1.1 update brings full support for iTunes 11 and a number of stability improvements.

iTunes 11 has a music queuing feature called “Up Next,” and the Apple TV can now interface with Up Next to show what’s about to play. The new iOS Remote app also lets you manage your queue from an iPhone or iPad.

Here are the changes from Apple:

  • Adds support for Up Next with iTunes 11 or iTunes Match. See upcoming songs when playing music on your Apple TV. Add new songs and edit what’s queued with your Remote or with the Remote app.
  • Includes performance and stability improvements with the iTunes Store, AirPlay, Netflix, iTunes Match, and wired Ethernet connections.

You can grab this OTA update on your Apple TV now. Let us know if you find anything interesting in the comments!

Source: Apple

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