Starting in May, AT&T is introducing a new “Mobility Administrative Fee” to the bill of all postpaid customers. The new fee will cost AT&T customers an extra $ 0.61 per line, per month.

While the total cost of the fee is unlikely to break the bank on your next bill, it does mean that you’re going to pay an extra $ 7.32 per phone line per year on your wireless bill, so if you have multiple lines on your account, you’ll pay much more than an extra 7 bucks a year.

The new fee is crummy deal for customers, but AT&T is super excited to take more of your pennies because with over 70 million postpaid customers the new fee will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in extra revenue every year.

AT&T customers noticed that the new fee went into effect on May 1st. AT&T says that the Mobility Administrative Fee will help cover certain expenses, such as the charges AT&T or its agents pay to interconnect with other carriers to deliver calls from AT&T customers to their customers; and cell site rents and maintenance.

If you’re bummed out that your bill just got more expensive, AT&T argues that every other carrier is doing the same thing. In fact, Verizon and Sprint have a higher fee, so you should totally feel blessed AT&T is only taking an extra 61 cents a month from you, I guess.

Source: AT&T Forums

Via: The Verge

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