Youíve probably heard the talk of AT&T throttling heavy data users, but now we can see itís effects ourselves and itís probably worse than you thought. AppAdviceDaily put together the video up top, skip in about a minute ahead and youíll see a side-by-side comparison of download speeds on a throttled vs non-throttled iPhone 4S. The speed difference is gigantic, as low as 0.07mbps on the throttled account vs 1.8mbps on the normal account. Throttling is only supposed to impact the top 5% of data consumers and unofficial tetherers on AT&T on Verizon. These users typically get a warning text message notifying they are using too much of the data they paid for: Throttled Data message The threshold for being throttled is alleged to vary widely, with some reports saying itís as low as 1GB and others suggesting itís over 4GB. Once youíre throttled, youíre basically kicked off the 3G network and stuck on the painfully sluggish 2G EDGE network. If youíre concerned about this, check data use on AT&T and Verizon by logging into your account. For those close to their allotted data limit, it may be a good idea to disable data or at least turn off 3G until the next billing cycle.

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