Out of the top four nationwide carriers in the United States, AT&T has the lowest ratio of Better Business Bureau complaints to customers over the past three years according to statistics released earlier this month. The BBB published data collected between August 2008 and July 2011 for the eight biggest wireless carriers in the U.S. The complaints for each carrier were compared against its approximate total subscriber count according to the CTIA as of July to determine the “complaint ratio.” Of the four major U.S. carriers, AT&T had the best complaint ratio with 0.016% with just 15,178 complaints filed against the carrier over the three-year period. Now if you look at all carriers as a whole, the best rated carrier was a regional one named MetroPCS with just 997 complaints filed out of its 9 million subscriber base, which gives it a ratio of 0.011%. According to the BBB, Verizon Wireless was the number two major carrier and fourth overall with a complaint ratio of 0.020% (with 20,876 complaints) and Sprint followed in the sixth spot with 0.044% (with 22,300 complaints). T-Mobile ended up with a complaint ratio of 0.078% with a grand total of 26,387 complaints; finding itself to be in the last place out of all the carriers. Now it is important to note that there are probably several factors here and these numbers don’t reflect the carriers’ service either. These are just complaints specifically that have been brought to attention to the BBB and realistically, not everyone who complains about service actually goes to the BBB with it. Furthermore, according to a poll conducted by J.D. Power and Associates this past summer, Verizon Wireless has the best customer service with a score of 770 out of 1,000, with T-Mobile trailing behind with a score of 766, Sprint in third place with 752 points, and AT&T in last place with a score of 751 points. I personally have been a long time AT&T user and have noticed periods of aggravation but the service seems to be getting better than before. I assume this is mainly due to the iPhone expanding to several networks as opposed to just AT&T’s network and I personally don’t mind as this allows me to take better use of my grandfathered unlimited data plan. Data and statistics like this may help users decide where to head in the future if unsatisfied with their current wireless carrier. Which carrier do you use? Are you satisfied? Share your thoughts and experiences below! Source: BGR via Better Business BureauPRNewsWire  

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