If you hit the road a lot, the problem is always chargers. Remembering chargers. Keeping them organized. Preventing them from tying themselves up in knots at the bottom of your gadget bag. Aviiq’s got a gorgeous little solution to all of these little road warrior problems. Called the Portable Charging Station, it’s an accessory that is a lot more useful than it might first suggest: it’s a tidy, foldable bag with all the cables and charging equipment inside. Just zip it up and go.   Inside, what you’ll find is powered USB hub with four sockets, each specced for 10 watts each. There are also several layered pockets through which you can route or organize cables, guaranteeing the Portable Charging Station is always tidy. If you loop your cables correctly, packing up all your mobile device charging cables is just as easy as closing the Charging Station and zipping it up. And since the hub has a built in plug for the wall socket, you never need to worry about forgetting it. I covet. The problem, of course, is the price: $ 80 is a bit expensive for a USB hub in a zipper pouch, at least for my blood. If the richness of yours is up to it, though, you can buy one here.

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