Warner Bros. has updated the critically acclaimed Batman Arkham City Lockdown for iOS to add two new Batman skins, iCloud support, and to fix a number of minor bugs. While the new skins are certainly a treat, iCloud support is undoubtedly the most welcome feature for iOS gamers, who can now sync there game between their devices. That means you can now begin playing the title on your iPad at home and continue it on your iPhone while you ride the train to work, and you no longer have to make the same progress on two devices as you currently do with most iOS games. Version 1.1 of the game also brings “70s Batman” and “Earth One Batman” skins, in addition to bug fixes, according to the release notes:
PLAY ON MULTIPLE DEVICES Use iCloud to seamlessly switch between the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Pick up on one device where you left off on another. TWO NEW BATMAN SKINS Two new skins, with all new stats, extend your game and provide new challenges. Get 70’s Batman and Earth One Batman skins with the current update. 70’s Batman is included as a free download. GAMEPLAY UPDATES · Minor gameplay and AI tweaks to enhance your experience. · Minor bug fixes to address variable device performance.
Batman Arkham City Lockdown made a surprise App Store debut earlier this month, and has since received very positive review from both the media and iOS gamers who have left their comments on iTunes. The title currently has a four-star rating and sells for $ 5.99. [via AppAdvice]

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