Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” media event is now over and many are left disappointed. The iPhone 4S was announced along with several iOS device refreshes and many were left unsatisfied. Apple revealed the price points for the new iPhone 4S (with contract) which consist of: • $199 – 16 GB • $299 – 32 GB • $399 – 64 GB The device will consist of both black and white models and will be available for pre-orders starting October 7th. As mentioned previously the iPhone 4S will have the following specs: • Dual Core A5 Processor. • Dual Core Graphics. • 8 Hour 3G Talk Time Battery. • 2x Faster Download Speed. • CDMA + GSM Radios. • 16, 32, 64GB Models. • 8 Megapixel Camera 3264×2448 Resolution, 5 Lens. • Backside Illuminated CMOS. • 1080p Video Recording. • Video Image Stabilization. • Temporal Noise Reduction. • Siri Voice. Although the hardware will be an improvement over the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S doesn’t seem to offer anything groundbreaking or exciting as anticipated. The specifications inform us some of what we expected including a faster CPU/GPU, longer lasting battery life, faster download speeds, dual-mode (CDMA + GSM), larger capacity (upto 64GB now), a better camera with camera features, and exclusively the Siri Assistant. Everyone already knew the new iPhone would have the A5 chip and the improved GPU performance was also expected. Apple spent quite a bit of time showcasing the improved graphics but honestly it seemed much like what the iPad 2 has been able to do since March but just on a smaller screen. The improved battery life is a slight upgrade, which is probably the least of what many people were looking forward to. The improved camera did seem to appeal to many with the fact that it now offers a quicker load time to the first shot (1.1 seconds), a quicker response shot to shot (0.5 seconds), and a higher quality image. The iPhone 4S will also support 1080P video recording as well,which is also going to appeal to many but all in all, a camera update was one that many expected. It isn’t a good enough reason to justify the purchase of the device. The Siri Personal Assistant is just about the only thing along with the expected hardware improvements that is exclusive to the iPhone 4S that impressed the public. Siri’s co-founder Norman Winarsky just yesterday mentioned that Siri’s Assistant would be a “world-changing” event and many see it being a huge leap forward. I can definitely see Siri becoming popular amongst many but I don’t know how many would agree that it is “world-changing.” The WOW factor of the new iPhone was relatively low as much of this was expected from before. Many were anticipating some surprise throughout the keynote, but were left with nothing. As mentioned previously, the iPhone 4S essentially is a slightly upgraded (hardware-wise with the exception of Siri) iPhone 4. Even so though, there were many complaints that the iPhone 4S doesn’t have a larger screen (which was amongst the many rumors that were circulating before today’s announcement). Many are left disappointed as well due to a lack of 4G surprises at today’s Apple media event. The new iPhone is confirmed to not be compatible with either LTE or WiMax 4G wireless networking standards. The new iPhone will work on 3G networks including AT&T’s HSPA+ network, which the carrier has been advertising as “4G.” It won’t be compatible with AT&T’s recently launched LTE network nor Verizon’s already growing LTE network. It also won’t be compatible with Sprint’s nationwide WiMax 4G network, even though Sprint has reportedly made a commitment to sell over 25 million iPhones over the next few years. Although several Android-based smartphones have been released with support for the 4G networks, Apple has been quite reluctant to add to its popular iPhone. Despite rumors to the contrary, CEO Tim Cook repeatedly said that “LTE would force design compromises we’re not willing to make,” including increased size and decreased battery life. Some have already decided to jump the bandwagon and purchase an Android phone until the release of a true next-generation iPhone while others are caving in and still planning to purchase an iPhone 4S. With everything revealed, what are your thoughts? Are you going to be purchasing an iPhone 4S? If not, what are your plans? UPDATE: The folks over at CNET have created a very good comparison chart which can be found below: UPDATE: Stock traders are also very unhappy as Apple’s stock plummets after the iPhone 4S announcement earlier today. P.S: I hope you didn’t have the following response (some people probably did): Source: CNET

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