If you’re like me, you carry the full length MacBook Air / Pro MagSafe adapter cord with your portable Mac. And if you do, you’re familiar with how cumbersome having that large extender cable attached to the MagSafe is, either taking up tons of space as it unwinds, or just being a huge tangled mess. But check out this brilliant simple wrapping trick discovered Twitter by @JC.

The best way to wrap the full MagSafe adapter

Rather than wrapping the little power cable first and trying to wrap the large power cable separately, loop the larger cord around the MagSafe adapter and use the smaller power cord to secure the thick one in place! That may sound confusing to explain, which is why it’s best demonstrated with the picture. Give it a try, it secures extremely well and it packs down much smaller than any other solution I’ve found (aside from just leaving the large extender cable out of your bag, of course). Awesome!

Looking for some more MagSafe tricks? You can keep the cord clutter out of the way by clipping it to the side of the screen, or jump directly to the land of leisure and use a MagSafe adapter to open a beer bottle.

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