Change Text Size of the Mac Finder Windows Sidebar If you’ve been busy customizing the Favorites folders and colorizing the Finder sidebar icons, you might want to change the font and icon size of that sidebar text while you’re at it, which has been increased in OS X Lion. Oddly enough, this isn’t in the “Finder Preferences” or “View Options” where you might expect to find it:
  • Open System Preferences and click on “General”
  • In the middle of the preference panel, look for “Sidebar icon size” and select one of the three options: Small, Medium, Large
  • Changes take effect immediately, close out System Prefs when you are happy with the
Medium is the default in Mac OS X 10.7, which some people feel is too large, but I think this depends entirely on the Macs screen resolution. Small is the default in 10.6, and Large isn’t the default in anything, but it’s quite large and is a great selection for kids or anyone who has vision impairments.   Change Mac Finder Window Sidebars Text Size

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