If you’re in the mood for a really good movie this weekend, but feel like you’ve already seen everything worth watching, then go check out Roger Ebert’s Great Movies app. Roger Ebert is one of the most well known film critics in the world and now you can read over 300 full-length reviews on your iDevice at any time. “These movies are the cream o’ the crop, 1915 to the present,” so there’s plenty of good movies to choose from. The app covers a wide array of films from Alien to Yojimbo and from Casablanca to Crumb. All reviews are available for off-line reading, so if you’re not getting a signal, you can still find out what Roger’s opinion of the latest X-Men movie is. If you start finding a bunch of movies that you’d really like to see, you can save them to a favorites list or instantly add titles to your Netflix queue. The app also gives you access to Roger Ebert’s full website and you can share your favorite movie reviews with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. With Netflix streaming movies to just about every device in existence, sometimes you need a little help sorting the crappy movies from the forgotten gems. The Netflix star rating system just doesn’t tell you enough about a movie and isn’t very useful most of the time. I’d much rather find out what Roger Ebert’s well-worn thumbs have to say about it before I commit two hours of my life to a movie. Source: Engadget

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