As if there weren�t enough capacitive styli out there for the iPad, here�s another one from Kickstarter success�Adonit (who make the Adonit Writer we�previewed here�in a�Kickstarter�Macworld�story � review coming soon)�called the Jot. Ah, but this one�s different.

The $ 18 Kickstarted Jot employs a flat disk attached, via ball-and-socket, to a fine point at the end of the stylus. The upshot is finer control, more like a pen, but unlike a pen, the ability to write at more extreme angles.

Looks pretty cool, and Adonit are set to release it in August. $ 25 For those of you who drive Beemers Bimmers, there�s also the upscale Jot Pro at $ 30, with a more austere finish, rubberized grip and magnet so it can cling to your iPad. A $ 25 pledge will get you two Jots or one Pro


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