View weather for multiple locations at once in IOS

Want to see the weather for multiple locations at once on a single screen, without having to flip between locations in the Weather app? This is simple since the 7.0 update, and with ski season approaching for the northern hemisphere it should be an increasingly popular trick to use when planning trips through various climatic zones.

  • Open Weather app to view the weather of a location as usual
  • Tap the little list icon in the bottom corner to view multiple locations

What makes this particularly helpful is that the backgrounds shown behind the location and weather information will continue to update according to the time of day and conditions, providing a visual cue for what sort of elements to expect.

It’s also much easier to switch the default temperature views from fahrenheit to celsius and vice versa, just by tapping the “C / F” icon at the bottom. This no longer requires a settings toggle, but beyond location temperatures, general weather conversions are still best done with Siri.

If you added a bunch of locations and you’re not thrilled with their placement, you can easily rearrange the weather list with a simple tap-and-hold trick. In list view, just tap on a location and then drag it up or down as desired.

Adjust the placement of weather list locations in iOS

Rearranging in the list view also impacts the sequence when flipping through weather locations in the normal view. Overall, this is a simple trick, but seems to not be widely known.

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