If you haven�t already, stop reading this and check out Buster�s awesome review of the new MacBook Air. The machine is�absolutely�gorgeous. And powerful, too.

One of the MacBook Air�s main draws is its lightning-fast solid-state hardrive. An SSD outperforms traditional hardrives because all�storage�and data transfers happen virtually, instead of having to travel across a physical platter.

Apparently, Apple is shipping some of these brand new MacBook Airs with the same SSDs from older notebook models.

Electronista reports,

�An in-depth hunt through both 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air units has shown that Apple is still using some of its older solid-state drives. While one 11-inch model owned by tldtoday has the newer Samsung models that provide peak read speeds of 264MB per second, one example of the 13-inch ultraportable was using the earlier Toshiba X-Gale drive, where speeds dipped to 208MB per second.�

Using older SSDs should only result in a slight performance difference between different models of the MacBook Air. Electronista notes that Apple may not introduce new SSD�storage�for the Air until�next-wave SSDs are introduced, which can transfer an upwards of�500MB/sec. The current SSD in the MacBook Air writes at about 264MB/sec.

Watch the video below to see which SSD model you have in your Macbook Air:


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