The China Times took its turn today at the helm of the the iPad 3 rumor-mill with a report claiming Apple ordered 65 million retina displays for the iPad 3. The 65 million 264PPI Retina display order would be split between LG and Samsung. Both companies have reportedly started producing the displays. Display orders for the iPad 2 totaled 40 million. Apple’s new order would mark a 62.5% increase in the number of displays ordered by Apple. Apple’s expectations for iPad 3 demand appear to be quite high. It isn’t clear if these numbers include display orders from Sharp who is rumored to be joining the Apple supply chain. Rumors earlier today point to a March 7th Apple announcement. All of the rumors coming out in the past 24-hours appear to support this time-table, but this could be as much fact as it is the Apple Kool-Aid influencing headlines and “anonymous” sources. Apple’s iPad 2 is already the world’s best-selling tablet with an additional 15.4 million units entering the hands of consumers during the last holiday quarter. If Apple’s 65 million piece display order is real, the company is positioning themselves to spend another year alone at the top of the tablet heap. Source: China Times [via 9to5Mac]  

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