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A well-known Chinese trading website has presented what they call the "newest design crystal case for Apple iPhone 5g." Images of the case in question can now be found at Although they are showing what is, admittedly, a mock-up of the fifth-generation iPhone, the visible attributes are worth noting.

Refusing to disappear from the rumor-mill are assertions that the next generation iPhone will sport an edge-to-edge screen. Based on the freshly published image above, it appears that Apple has relocated the flash component of the iPhone 4 to the far right on the top of the next generation device.

Of course, when it comes to new or refreshed product releases at Apple, nothing can be guaranteed until Steve Jobs personally raises the curtain in San Francisco. Nonetheless, we’ve seen far too man instances in the past of case-makers being privy to advanced knowledge to outright dismiss image leaks like the one coming out of China this weekend.

As we covered yesterday, analyst Peter Misek with Jeffries & Co. has come forward with claims that Apple’s next generation iPhone will not be the iPhone 5 after all. Given the minor cosmetic changes we’ve all anticipated, the refreshed touchscreen handset will be released as the iPhone 4S. Misek’s report, however, did not state if the iPhone 4S will sport the edge-to-edge screen.


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