The ClearView is a simple alternative to pricey add-on camera viewfinders, both optical and electronic. The idea is that – instead of adding a new viewfinder – you can just repurpose the screen you already have. And this means that, with a bit of tweaking, it’ll work with an iPhone too.

Why bother with a viewfinder? Because no matter how good our screens get, a viewfinder works better in situations with too much light or not enough light. In bright sunshine a viewfinder keeps on working, unlike the LCD which is overpowered by the surplus lumens. And in the dark, using a finder means that the camera is wedged firmly up against your face, cutting out camera-shake.

The ClearView comes in two flavors. One hooks into the tripod screw and one slides into the hotshoe (flash) mount up top. Both put a high-diopter lens in front of the screen, and you put your eye up to that lens so you can focus on the screen from just an inch or so away.

The tripod version has a hinge so it can be flipped out of the way. And as pretty much every iPhone camera case or mount comes with a tripod screw-hole, you could try it out there, too.

You can also choose the Premium lens option, recommended for big 3-inch camera screens (you might lose the edges of your iPhone 5 screen here). Prices start at $ 22.

Source: ClearView

Via: PetaPixel

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