Black Friday was just the beginning. Now that Cyber Monday has arrived, there’s plenty to offer our readers here at Cult of Mac. Most notably, we’ve got a pair of killer Cult of Mac Deals offers lined up for you that will net you a whole slew of value for under $ 100!

To celebrate Cyber Monday, we’re offering two great bundles – The iStack Mac Bundle and The Mac Utility Bundle – that on their own are standout sales – but together they are perhaps the best deal we’ve ever offered.

The iStack Mac Bundle

Here’s what’s included:

  • Camtasia 2: Easily Create Stunning Screen Captures & Video Recordings ($ 99.00)
  • Circus Ponies NoteBook: Boost Your Performance at Work so You Get The Raises You Want ($ 50.00)
  • CrossOver XI: Easily Open Windows Software on Your Mac ($ 60.00)
  • FX Photo Studio Pro: One Application With Unlimited Creativity ($ 40.00)
  • LittleSnapper: Picture Perfect Screenshots for Your Mac ($ 40.00)
  • Printopia: Print Anything From Your iPhone and iPad to Any Printer ($ 20.00)
  • xTeam: The Easiest Tool For Resources Scheduling ($ 99.00)
  • MoneyBag: One of the Best Finance Apps on the Market ($ 60.00)
  • Habits: A Life Changing App That Helps You Create Good Habits & Break Bad Ones ($ 20.00)
  • SyncMate Expert: Sync All of Your Devices & Accounts With This All-Inclusive Mac App ($ 40.00)
  • Build iPhone & iPad Games W/out Programming: Build iPhone & iPad Games & Launch Them Into The Mac Store ($ 250.00)

The Mac Utility Bundle

Here’s what’s included:

  • Parallels Desktop 8: The #1 Rated Utility to Run Windows on Your Mac ($ 80.00)
  • Snagit for Mac: Record Screen Videos, Enhance Your Images, & Share to More Destinations w/ the Ultimate Screen Capture Tool ($ 50.00)
  • VirusBarrier X6: Protect your Mac from Network Threats, Viruses, Trojan Horses & All Other Malware ($ 50.00)
  • MacOptimizer: An Incredibly Fast & Efficient Disk Utility to Help You Clean, Repair & Organize your Mac ($ 29.00)
  • Rubbernet: Keep an Eye on All Network-Enabled Apps Running on Your Mac to Speed it Up ($ 36.00)

There’s a whole lot to love in both of these bundles, but the price is what has to win you over. You can get The iStack Mac Bundle for $ 49 and The Mac Utility Bundle for $ 59 today because Cyber Monday only comes once per year – and deals like these come along even less frequently.

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