If you are a DirecTV user and own an iPad, it is time to rejoice! The DirecTV app for the iPad was updated recently and now provides improved features and mainly one important one in particular � the ability to live stream videos from homes to iPads.

Version 1.3.1 of the app (iTunes) allow users to stream 40 channels of content as long as you are on the same network as your DirecTV receiver. CNN, Fox News, National Geographic, and FX are amongst the list of available channels. You are even given the option to watch the video in a window hovering over the guide or watch full screen. Furthermore, If you have a multiple tuner DVR, you can watch one channel on TV and another on the iPad, which can come in quite handy depending on the situation.

There seems to be one caveat involved with the whole ordeal: DirecTV apparently doesn�t like jailbreakers and the app shuts down if it detects that it is being used on a Jailbroken device.

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According to a user by the name of KOTUCLN on�Twitter, you can fix this issue by changing one check with iFile. Once you do so, you can work around DirecTV�s jailbreak check. It is a bit unexpected for DirecTV to take this stand and we wonder if other companies are going to start to do the same. If so, this might deter some users from jailbreaking or possibly even become an issue of legality in the future.

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Have you tried the app? What is your take on this �jailbreak check� DirecTV included in this update? Let us know in the comments below!


Update: The fix has been further clarified by fellow MMi user:�MrBucket101:

is found within com.directv.mobile.ipad.navigator.production.plist which is located most likely within the app directory, i use applinks in cydia to simplify the process of finding the right folder that belongs to the app

anyways change true to false, problem solved 😛

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