Now you too can learn how to use Siri with this informative Siri manual. I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that this guide was released for Amazon Kindle, or that the time was taken to write a guide on using such a simple voice feature for such a simple device. How many of you own an iPhone 4S? Probably a good chunk I presume. Those of you who do, do you know everything that there is to know about Siri? Have you explored every region or have you only explored what you’ve needed it for? Siri is a voice control system that can be toggled on and off from your iPhone’s settings. It uses a pre-defined library of words and uses complex algorithms to put your sentences together to respond with intelligent answers. Asking it a question will yield a response that is relevant to the question that you asked. For example, asking it what the weather is like; Siri will show you the weather for the week. Siri comes preloaded on all iPhone 4S’s. It is not available at this time for any other device. There are rumors that Apple might be releasing an HDTV powered by Siri sometime in 2012, although that’s a while off. Developers on the jailbreak side are working hard to port Siri over the iPhone 4 and other older devices. At this point in time, there has been no significant progress. All they have been able to do is copy the GUI over from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 4. There is no actual functionality because Siri depends on Apple’s servers to work; which only accept requests from iPhone 4S’s – which the iPhone 4 is not. As most of us hope that the porting will be successful, for now, only iPhone 4S users have it. This guide may help some of you using one. This eBook walks us through how to use the various commands. It touches base on the common commands that Apple added built-in functionality for. It even has some information that many of us do not know about. It goes into some detail about the “lighter side of Siri” and even provides tips for “Siri security.” It has glorified information about creating text messages, searching the web, shopping online, keeping tabs on stocks, and managing E-mail through Siri. The eBook is pretty informative and includes examples and tutorials of such performances. Ironically enough, there doesn’t appear to be an iBooks version of the eBook. I only did a quick search. If you find otherwise let us know in the comments. The book is $4.99 and can be purchased here on Authors: Erica SadunSteve Sande Format: Kindle Edition File Size: 3305 KB Publisher: Sand Dune Books (October 25, 2011) Sold by: Amazon Digital Services Language: English Rating: ????/? 4.5 How many kindle fans out there will be buying this? Share in the comments! Sources: Amazon  

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