This Sunday on the CBS presentation of “60 Minutes,” we are going to see and hear a side of Steve Jobs that we never previously had access to. On the eve of the much-anticipated release of the official Steve Jobs biography, Walter Isaacson (the writer who penned Steve Jobs’ bio) opens up about his more than 40 interviews with the Apple co-founder before his death earlier this month.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs refused to allow surgeons to perform what could have been life-saving surgery on his pancreatic cancer… Isaacson says Jobs told him he regretted his decision to try alternative therapies and said he put off the operation because it was too invasive.
“I’ve asked [Jobs why he didn’t get an operation then] and he said, ‘I didn’t want my body to be opened…I didn’t want to be violated in that way,'” Isaacson reveals. Jobs would ultimately wait nine months before he underwent the procedure – a delay that Jobs would later regret. “I think that he kind of felt that if you ignore something, if you don’t want something to exist, you can have magical thinking…we talked about this a lot,” Isaacson admits. “He wanted to talk about it, how he regretted it….I think he felt he should have been operated on sooner.” During the interview, Isaacson says Jobs admitted to lying to his staff about his condition, deploring how the wealth of some Apple employees changed them, and his feelings about the existence or non-existence of God. All told, the segment – which will include audio clips from Steve Jobs’ interviews right before his death – will likely be a must-watch for all Apple and Steve Jobs admirers. This installment of “60 Minutes” airs Sunday, Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. ET/PT. Source:CBS

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