FullScreen for iPad lets you browse through Mobile Safari in full screen mode, but it also does more. The iPad has a very large screen, unlike the iPhone and iPod touch. For many, that means that they want to get extra use out of the available pixels. If you are one of those people, then FullScreen for iPad might be just what you are looking for. It’s a tweak made by Yllier that lets you toggle full screen browsing whenever you want to use it in Mobile Safari. Simply double-tap to toggle and you’re viewing content in full screen without a status bar or any of Safari’s buttons in your way. If you want to exit full screen, you just double-tap again. FullScreen for iPad was rewritten for iOS 5. It took a while to update because Yllier didn’t have an iPad 2 to develop on. Thanks to a generous friend, he was able to test it out and make sure that everything worked the way it was supposed to. If being able to view Web content in full screen isn’t enough of a selling point for FullScreen for iPad for you, then you will appreciate that it has more options than just viewing a Web page in full screen. It actually makes Mobile Safari a multi-touch browser and adds more commands to it, just like you were browsing in Safari on your Mac. Additionally, while in full screen you can toggle a window that has Safari’s action buttons on it: FullScreen for iPad has most of the same settings as the iPhone and iPod touch version. The fact that it opens up the larger screen to iPad users is just what makes it more fun. The multitouch gestures that you can use make it feel more intuitive than when you have to press buttons to invoke an action in Mobile Safari. FullScreen for iPad will not conflict with any of your tweaks that you have installed for Mobile Safari. It works great with Yllier’s other application AdBlocker which lets you get the best Web experience. Imagine not only viewing content in full screen mode but also with no cluttering ads. The fact that Yllier has rewritten this tweak for the iPad on iOS 5 falls right in place with today’s great news that hacker pod2g showed us all an iPad 2 on iOS 5.0.1 with an untethered jailbreak. This means that not only iPad 1 owners, but iPad 2 owners as well will be able to take advantage of this great tweak. Yllier was gracious enough to give away five copies of FullScreen for iPad to the lucky readers of Modmyi. If you want to win, tell us what Web site that you would most use FullScreen for iPad for and tell us why you think you need it. Leave your Cydia account number in the comment because the only way we can send you a copy is if we know what Cydia account to route the application to. Good luck! Name: FullScreen for iPad Price: $2.19 Repo: BigBoss Version: 1.30 Developer: Yllier Editor’s Rating: ????/? 4.5/5 Do you think that FullScreen for iPad is a cool tweak? Share in the comments. Sources: Yllier  

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