Zen Stones for Mac Every week Mac Games and More features a fun, casual game you can play into the weekend. This week Iíd like to spotlight a game not just because itís an addictive little puzzle, but for a limited amount of time, weíre offering it to you for free. Just fan us on Mac Games and Moreís Facebook page and youíll then have access to download a full version of it!  
Zen StonesZen Stones (puzzle) Ė When you play Zen Stones, you donít have to worry about a plot or storyline and youíre not timed so you have all day to complete each level. To play, click on stones that make up the outer border, then send them to the center playing field. Aim to have three or more† stones of the same color grouped together and they will magically disappear. Clear the playing field of all the stones to move forward in the game. Several bonuses can help you when youíre stuck or to get you through the level quicker. The game can really hook puzzle gamers for a long time but remember one thing: If you canít pass a level because youíre stuck, donít get your undies in a twist. Relax and simply start over because afterall, itís just a game.† Download it now

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