Playhaven CEO Andy Yang calls it the ‘ranking roller-coaster,’ a lengthy process of app introduction and updates that can turn a hot download into an also-ran in the span of a few months – the time it takes for game developers to get slightly new versions through the Apple App Store. Yang thinks he’s found a way to shorten the app update process from three months to three minutes. “As the mobile game industry shifts to the ‘games-as-a-service’ model, the PlayHaven Platform enables developers to break free from the constraints of the traditional software development cycle by enabling real-time business optimization,” Yang said. The web-based platform does for game development what other metrics tools have done for traditional businesses, providing a quick way to gain insight into customers and make instant adjustments. The platform, which uses HTML5-based Dynamic Overlays to make changes without touching the underlying app codebase, is not for adding new levels or features to apps, but perhaps something more important. Instead of tweaking your game to announce a Labor Day special deal, a process that could be finalized in December, PlayHaven lets developers make the changes online and easily notify users. “We’ve torn down the wall between game developer and gamer,” Yang said. PlayHaven is initially available only to iOS game developers. Pricing details are available on the company’s website.

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