The perfect reason to give Order & Chaos Online another go.

Gameloft’s�Order & Chaos Online�is widely believed to be the closest alternative to�Warcraft�on iOS. It’s a popular game, and there’s no doubt it would be even more popular if it weren’t for the monthly fee Gameloft charged to pay it. Thankfully, in the game’s latest update, Gameloft has finally scrapped the subscription fee and made the role-playing game free to play online after purchasing.

If you’ve got�Order & Chaos Online�installed on your iOS device, but you’ve hardly played it because you weren’t willing to pay monthly � on top of the $ 6.99 price tag for the game � then an update is waiting for your in the App Store that you’ll certainly want to install.

Not only does it scrap the subscription fee, but it includes a stack of new features and improvements, including PvP arenas, new questions, new high-level items, a new dungeon, and more. The release notes detail all the changes:

New content & features:

� PvP arenas
� Mounts
� Dungeon #4 (Part 2)
� New quests
� New high-level items
� Teleport: 30-day pass
� Kal Wardin costume
� New GL LIVE!

Polish & adjustments

� Subscription removed
� Russian and Brazilian Portuguese now supported
� New dedicated servers for CN players
� GFX improvements on the biggest devices
� Business skill modification
� Polish of the lottery
� Improved security
� Minor bug fixes

Order & Chaos Online�version 1.1.2 can be downloaded from the App Store now using the source link below. It’s a $ 6.99 purchase that’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Source: App Store

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