Though some of iOS 7′s appearance has become a matter of controversy, the one portion of the iOS facelift that is practically universally adored is the new, simplified, image-focused lock screen, which displays nothing but a clock and the date in minimally thin text overlaid against the devices wallpaper. It’s beautiful, and now thanks to a third party developer you can get that same gorgeously simple lock screen on your Mac through the usage of a free screen saver.

The screen saver is titled “iOS 7 lockscreen”, as it very closely mimics the appearance of the initial lock screen seen on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 7.0 or newer. To get the actual locked screen functionality in OS X you’ll need to separately enable password protection for screen savers and then use a timer, keystroke, or hot corner to send the screen into the locked mode, which will work with any screen saver and not just this one – if you haven’t done that yet, you really should as it offers a simple method to protect a Mac from unauthorized access.

Anyway, back to the beautiful screen saver, here’s how you can get this working on your Mac:

  1. Download the free screen saver from BodySoulSpirit (or use this direct link) and mount the disk image
  2. Open a new Finder window, then hit Command+Shift+G to summon Go To Folder and enter the following path:
  3. ~/Library/Screen Savers/

  4. Drag and drop the “iOS 7 lockscreen by bodysoulspirit.qtz” file into the “Screen Savers” folder you just opened
  5. Launch System Preferences from the  Apple menu and go to the “Desktop & Screen Saver” control panel
  6. Click on the “Screen Saver” tab to find the new “iOS 7 lock screen” screen saver option
  7. Click on “Screen Saver Options” to customize it to your liking, hit “Preview” to see what things will look like
  8. Optional but highly recommended for all Mac users with all screen savers: enable password protection for locked screens in OS X

Hitting the Options button provides more customization than you may expect, including the ability to change the background image, adjust the time format from a 12 hour to 24 hour clock, whether or not to show the AM/PM indicators, adjust the date format, whether the text is black or white, and even a ton of very specific tweaks to the size of the clock and text itself.


You can also change the “Press any key to unlock” text if you want it to say something else, putting a message like your name and contact details here is generally good protocol so that it’s visible on the lock screen.


The screen saver has a very slight animation that causes images to zoom in and out extremely slowly, sort of mimicking the iOS lock screen that zooms in when an iPhone or iPad is woken up. You can change that along with everything else if you decide you don’t like the movement.

If this proves to be a tease and you want to go further into the iOSification of OS X, you can follow some tips to make the Mac desktop look a lot more like iOS by changing a variety of settings, though it’s certainly not for everyone.


Heads up to RedmondPie for finding this awesome screen saver.

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